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Wind Blade Trailer

Wind Blade Trailer

  • Wind Blade Trailer

Technical  training:

a) At the first time of commissioning, we will arrange the trainee to participate, make them be familiar with the basic structure and assembly process, understand the location and functions of control handle, meters and various switches, understand various failure and corresponding solving measures. Under the guidance of our technician, the trainee operate the trailer themselves, to know well about the various functions of the trailer.

b) After the trailer arrive on site, we will send our technician to the client, to supply the technical training to the operation persons. The main course will include illustration of the basic structure, brake system and other parts of the trailer; refer to the corresponding chapter of the operation manual, to introduce the operation steps, noted items, security regulations, diagnosis and examination of failures.

Technical service:

a)  As per the actual operation of the trailer, we will produce spare parts to guarantee that the supply of parts and components will be sufficient and in time.

b) At the course of overhaul and maintenance, we will give the client preference for procure the spare parts both on price and delivery.

c) Once failure happens, no matter what reasons, if client need, we will send technician to the site as soon as possible to assist to deal with the failure.

Quality Guarantee:

The quality guarantee period: 12months (The warranty period of vehicle frame is 5years under the condition of normal use)

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